You Are the One (Koj Yog Tus Ib)

Koj Yog Tus Ib

Here are bits and pieces of the draft of a love story I wrote some years ago and never finished. .. . Now, I’m planning to finish it off.  If you’re interested, please read it, give me feedback and comments!  Thanks (^_^)                    Remember it’s only a draft …..



Thaum koj nrog kuv nyob, koj hais tias

Wb txog kev sib hlub nyob zoo lis no

Tsis muaj hnub yuav khiav mus

Vim kuv yog koj tus ib

Tias hlub tus kawm haus koj lub siab haus koj lub plaws

Yog koj nyiag thaub kuv lub siab mus

Ua rau kuv tsis paub xyov yuav hais lis cas

Es, puas yog koj dag ntxias

Los yog koj lub siab hos hlub kuv tiag

Zoo lis koj thaub cog lus cia

Tias yuav hlub kuv ib leeg xwb

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Zhou Hmoob Lub Teb Chaw

“There is no greater sorrow on earth than the loss of one’s native land”        

    –Euripides, 431 B.C.

Twenty-one seasons came and passed.  No disturbances came upon the land called Unica.  The land was once thrived with The higher, remote mountainous slope facing the rising sun on the terrain of the land called Unica forested from years of intact by the growth of trees, ferns and groves. The coniferous pine trees surrounding the terrain thickened and grew.  Even the almond trees that were saplings matured to their full heights.  No disturbances have come to hinder their growth during the past years.  Deep within the thickets of trees and groves, thrived a people called Hmoob, who have once been estranged outsiders to the area.  The area where they have hidden for years was encircled by

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