Zhou Hmoob Lub Teb Chaw

31 Jul

“There is no greater sorrow on earth than the loss of one’s native land”        

    –Euripides, 431 B.C.

Twenty-one seasons came and passed.  No disturbances came upon the land called Unica.  The land was once thrived with The higher, remote mountainous slope facing the rising sun on the terrain of the land called Unica forested from years of intact by the growth of trees, ferns and groves. The coniferous pine trees surrounding the terrain thickened and grew.  Even the almond trees that were saplings matured to their full heights.  No disturbances have come to hinder their growth during the past years.  Deep within the thickets of trees and groves, thrived a people called Hmoob, who have once been estranged outsiders to the area.  The area where they have hidden for years was encircled by

As seasons came and went, the almond blossoms bloomed and fell.  Every fall, the sweet, languid aroma of the flowers can be scented throughout the latent patches of houses that quietly hid by the encirclement of the almond trees and the surrounds of the conifers and deciduous trees.  Accompanied by the colder winds from the northern terrain, a day’s breeze can whirl the flower blossoms from almond tree to almond tree and scatter them throughout the surroundings.  In the fall when the almond trees lose all their flowers, the scattering of these blossom petals can masquerade fogs of snowy, soft azure in pink and ivory over the settlers’ houses made of split bamboo with thatch sitting on the ground.

This season, however, fall came early.  The almond blossoms seemed ready for their falling.  Soon the colder northern wind will arrive to this part of the forested, rugged slope of the mountains.  Soon all the almond trees will bared from their fallen blossoms.  The leaves of the deciduous trees will turn into colors of reds, golden yellows and oranges.  Some of the leaves will eventually fall like those of the almond blossoms.   However, most won’t because Saol remains fairly temperament throughout colder months in other parts of the world.   The day’s lights will no longer generate like their usual summer time.   Nights will be longer than days.   The change in the equinox will only mean that another year is passing and a new year is going to begin.

In all the nineteen years that Iona lived here, she never felt this spasm of shivers that she felt now from the cold breeze that chilled her heart in silent solace.  The arrival of the cold northern wind has come early and she hasn’t even been to her childhood’s secret hide out at the far end of the eastern side of the thick forests that surrounded their quarters for living.

As she reminiscence

Her Aunt Dara, who has been her nanny for as long as she could remember, has kept her studious for the year with writing and deciphering a form of hieroglyphics called the “Holy Mother’s Writings.”  Iona thought the letters were strange, but uniquely calligraphied.  They were quite different from the language she communicated with her aunt.

It has been years that she has seen her parents.


Ua Cas Peb Tias Tau Teb Chaws

Leej muam, yuav ua li cas peb thiaj muaj teb chaws nyob thiab zoo li luag.

Leej nus, yuav kom peb muaj teb chaws nyob mas yuav yog sib koom tes thiab sib pab.

Peb cov Hmoob sawv koom tes sawv ua xyob

Peb teb chaws yuav tuaj vim moj them

Cov peb xeem nyob pes toj thiab nram hav

Sawv ua pab los tuav lub teb chaws

Tsis txhob tsoj plhuav lub teb chaws mus rau luag kav

Peb cov Hmoob thiab tsis mluas thiaj tsis ploj

Txog nyuag kev poog teb chaws ua rau luag qhev

Ib cuab zeej lub peb Hmoob tuav kom ruaj

Ua kom tau lub teb chaws los ua peb li

Leej nus, yuav kom peb ua ntiaj teb nyiam mas peb yuav taw tuav peb Hmoob kom ruaj nawb

Oh, yog li koj hais leej muam!


Thov Kom Peb Hmoob Sib Hlub

Leej nus, cas peb Hmoob lub neej yuav nyob yam li puav dais taws?

Vim yog peb Hmoob tsis txawj sib hlub sib pab txhim kho.

Leej nus, tseem niaj no peb tseem yog neeg, thov kom peb sib hlub thiab txhim kho nawb. . ..

Lub caij nyoog los, peb tseem yog neeg

Kom sawv daws koom sib hlub es txhob sib ntxub

Hais lus luag ntxhib li thaum sib ntsib

Vim yog tias peb tseem yog ib Haiv Hmoob

Kuv hais lus, los koj tseem nkas siab

Kuv tsis tau txiav los yog ua xav hais maj

Yog muaj peev xwm yeej meem sib txib coj

Los lus sib chim txhob muab los coj

Yog peb tsis txawj sib hlub sib pab

Peb lub neej no yeej yuav tsis zoo li luag

Yuav raug luag yuam mus ua luag qhev

Vim yog tias peb tsis paub sib hlub os!

Thov kom saws daws txawj xav ib yam

Los peb sib pab kho tiam no kom zoo

Koom peb sib pab luag mus li txhis

Peb thiaj txim txiaj tsim nqi, zoo li luag . . .


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